Vacation Care

Vacation Care Locations

children-fun-HiResCubbyhouse Childcare  has a wide variety of vacation care (OOSH/OSHC) locations throughout the Hills District, North Shore and Central Coast of N.S.W..

Browse through the directory below to find the vacation care program you’re looking for.  Click on the links under the centres to download the enrolment form and programs for Dec/Jan Vacation Care.

Hills District
Address : Crestwood Public School
Kalimna Dr, Baulkham Hills
Phone : 1300 553 583
Fax : 8905 9279
CCMS-ID : 1-631-241
PRN number : 406 950 269T

Crestwood Program

Crestwood Enrolment Form

Address : Kellyville Ridge Public School
Cnr Perfection & Greenwich Rd, Kellyville
Phone : 9629 4217
Fax : 9629 4217

Kellyville Ridge Program

Kellyville Ridge Enrolment Form

Lower North Shore
Address :Mowbray Rd, Lane Cove

Mowbray Road Program

Mowbray Enrolment Form

Willoughby Public School

Address: Oakville Rd, Willoughby, NSW 2068
Phone: 1300 553 583

Willoughby Program

Willoughby Enrolment Form

Central Coast
Address : Narara Public School
Newling St, Lisarow
Phone : 0434 708 015
Fax : 9659 7855
CRN number : 407 331 013T

Narara Program

Narara Enrolment Form

Killarney Vale Public School

Address : Killarney Vale Public School
Hendricks Rd, Killarney Vale

Killarney Vale Program

Killarney Vale Enrolment Form

Woy Woy Public School

Address: Blackwall & Park Rds, Woy Woy NSW 2256
Phone: 1300 553 583

Woy Woy Program

Woy Woy Enrolment Form

Southern Shire
Address : Beverly Hills North Public School
1 – 3 Shorter Ave Beverly Hills NSW, 2209
Phone : 1300 553 583

Beverly Hills North Program

Beverly Hills North Enrolment Form

Hurstville South Public School

Maher St, Hurstville, NSW 2220
Phone number : 1300 553 583
Hours of operation : 7:00am -6:00pm

Hurstville South Program

Hurstville South Enrolment Form

Address : Loftus Public School
103 National Ave, Loftus NSW 2232

Loftus Program

Loftus Enrolment Form

Western Sydney

Victoria Ave

Address: Victoria Ave, Concord West 2138
Phone: 1300 553 583

Victoria Ave Program

Victoria Ave Enrolment Form