Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment Procedure



Cubbyhouse has moved to a new Child Management Platform ‘Xplor’.  Xplor is a sophisticated Application based product which will enable you to manage your account via an app.   The app is available for all smart phones and in addition all functionality and information can be accessed via the web.  Due to the changes to Childcare Subsity Cubbyhouse’s move to Xplor take the work out of childcare for parents.

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How to enrol

    1.   Go to CENTRES and click the ‘Enrol’ button next to the centre in which you want to enrol your child in.

  1. Complete the online Enrolment Form and attached all relevant documentation, Click Submit.

  1. Once you complete the online Enrolment Form you will receive a confirmation email. Please note this is not a confirmation that the Enrolment is complete, it is a confirmation that the Enrolment Form (partial or complete) has been submitted. To ensure your enrolment is processed as quickly as possible and a place offered please ensure the enrolment form is completed in full and all documents attached.

  1. Once a fully completed Enrolment Form has been submitted and all required documents attached, you will receive an additional email confirming the enrolment is complete and you will be provided the details to set up your account with Xplor to be able to use the Hub and the App.

Welcome to Xplor

Xplor is filled with a collection of tools designed to make early childhood education simpler and more collaborative. To get started, take 3 simple steps:

1. Setup your password

To begin using Xplor, you will first need to create your password

2. Hub

The Hub will allow you to sign your child in and out using your phone number and a PIN, which you will need to set on the Hub the first time you use it.

3. Setup Payment Details

Finally, if your service has asked you to sign up to a payment gateway (i.e. Ezidebit), you will need to set up your payment information to the service. Learn more about this here

We will be sending you some further information about how to get the most out of Xplor in the coming days. In the interim, feel free to start Xploring! :)

Any problems, please contact our Head office and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you through the process.