Arrival & Departure

Arrival & Departure of Children

children-fun-HiResPlease ensure you bring your child to their allocated room. Under no circumstances will we receive children from the front gate, in the carpark or the outdoor play areas.

This is not only unsafe, but also a bewildering experience for young children. Please ensure that a staff member knows that your child has arrived and has accepted them for care for that day (ie after you have signed your child in, walk them over to an activity and settle them before leaving). Once again, when collecting your child, please sign your child out immediately before conversing with the staff or with other parents.

In order for families to receive the Child Care Benefit and adhere to the Centre’s policies, all parents must complete the attendance register situated in the foyer of each Centre. You are required to note the time of arrival and departure. You then sign in the allocated positions.

If your child is being collected by another adult, they must be named on your child’s enrolment form as having authorization to do so. If they are not mentioned on this form we require you to complete a permission note nominating them to collect your child on the day. Without this, we are by law not allowed to release your child.

We are not permitted to allow your child to leave the Centre with anyone under the age of 18, nor with someone who is unknown to us.